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 2022 litters:


Please note that our puppies
are reserved ahead of time.
Early reservations
are highly recommended

The winter litters are all reserved!

We now accept reservations for late spring and summer 2022.
The planned litters and parent combinations will be posted soon.

Also, due to smaller than expected number of puppies born for the fall season
this year, we had to move our waiting list into the winter
and the new year.
We thank all the expecting families for their patience and understanding.


We have the approximate timing in the year for the planned litters
and when the mothers are expected to be bred, but
it is impossible to know the exact order of the litters before
the breedings take place and,
 to make certain arrangements before the
puppies are born.


Our dogs are great for any dog sport and wonderful family companions
(good drives combined with lovable, affectionate and obedient nature).
They are very easy to train, make great family dogs,
wonderful with children, very social with dogs and other animals.
Go to DOGS, and on each dog's individual page - for pedigree, pictures,
show/trial results and certifications.
See NEWS page for more pictures and info on the parents
Early reservations are highly recommended as all our puppies are
reserved sometimes months before the litters are born.
    As soon as the puppies are born,
 we will announce the litters and make the preliminary
arrangements with the clients
 that will have their pups from those litters.
  As we understand the excitement,
 we ask our pups’ future families
to please be patient
 and wait for the news.
 It is a lot of work for us
 and we try to avoid the added stress caused
 by people asking every day about the puppies.
 When we have puppy news,
 we will be more than happy to share them right away!
From that time, the families will have
7-8 weeks to prepare for their puppy’s arrival and
 we will have dates in place and certain plans.
 Thank you!
Please see the litters below, and Contact us
for more more info and how to reserve a puppy.

Updated: Aug. 15/2021


Morena's litter  ready in September - Puppies are born!

Genie's litter ready end of September - Puppies are born!

We  accept reservations for the late spring and summer 2022 litters!

 For more information and to reserve a puppy, please contact us at:





Sometimes we are selecting some of the best puppies 

to stay with us for a little longer

 until we decide who will be chosen for our breeding program -

some of them might become available later.

Contact us for details if interested in a high quality older puppy.. 

 Contact us for details and to reserve a puppy

Early reservations are HIGHLY reccomended to ensure a spot on the waiting list -

 we usually do not have pups available when they are ready to go.


                 To see the parents' details on their own pages click here on DOGS page

All our puppies make wonderful companions. 

As they grow and develop, we observe, socialize, stimulate them on a regular basis

 and we test our puppies at the right age and,

 based on their temperament, drives and levels of energy,

we are able to advise and asist our clients in their choices.

 This way the puppies are selected to meet their new families'

             preferences and expectations in their dogs,

so the right puppy goes to the right environment


We accept deposits and have puppies available to approved homes year round




                                To see the dogs' pedigrees, show results and pictures on their own pages,

click here on DOGS  page    

  and, visit the NEWS page for more...




   'Amalaberg' puppies pictures:



                                                  at 4 weeks                                                                                          at 6 weeks    




                                  3 weeks olds, sleepy, enjoying their first time outside in the sun....                                     4 weeks old, very busy already....




          4 weeks old pups    



   Early reservations

   are recommended !

                     Early reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment, as due to a high number of inquiries

                                  we usually do not have pups available at the time of their birth or when they are ready to go.      

          Please visit the individual pages of the breeding dogs ( on  Dogs page)

                 for more details ( pedigree, show/trial results and certifications, ancestors pictures)




                                     In this picture: 4 weeks old - Yosefine von der Bastillie and Kwantum Klostermoor  litter

         Breeding done in Germany



                       All our puppies make great companions and family dogs and at the same time,

most of them can be show/working prospects.

                        Wonderful with children, very easy to train, nice and reliable pets and, in the same time

                              BEAUTIFUL GERMAN SHEPHERDS THAT CAN ALSO WORK !!!!!


To learn more about us and our work follow the link bellow to view a short documentary.

 It was filmed here in Canada on our premises and it aired recently in Romania

and presented our family and dogs and our life passion: the German Shepherd Dog




           For detailed information about the dogs, 4 generation pedigree and pictures of their ancestors

             click to see their pages at  Dogs and, also the News page for their show results and photos.

             Photo Gallery  page contains pictures of some of the dogs that we imported  over the time

                to constantly improve  our bloodlines - visit it to learn more about our dogs and our work.


     For more pictures, information and to reserve a puppy, please contact us at:

                                              Phone # (905) 779-0677                                                        

We are located  in Ontario, in Hagersville-Cayuga area -

80-90 minutes south of Toronto,

 45 minutes south of Hamilton, 1 hour from the Buffalo border,

1.5 hours from London



  Updated: Aug. 15/2021


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