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HAT TRICK von AMALABERG (TIMO) – 5 months old – male.
Parents:   V Luke von der Plassenburg (son of VA Freddy Modithor) &
                Norlaith von Waldhuegelland  (daughter of VA Windd von Amalaberg).
He is an amazing young male, the “complete package”,
with great looks and tremendous  temperament and working skills
(he will be a great candidate for high level training – very good, balanced drives,
he loves food and toys and  he could be trained in any dog sport).
He was my “star” (demo dog) at the puppy training classes,
and this way he also got to interact and socialize with many other dogs and people,
and also training under distraction.
He is completely crate trained, calm and  quiet when he needs to be,
but working very intensely when asked to, no fears of any kind.
He has a great “on-off “switch” and he is a sweetheart:
a lovely, gentle dog with a very friendly and affectionate  nature.
Puppy vaccination program done – including Rabies,
parasite/heartworm prevention up to date,
with a great foundation and start in life,
he is saving a lot of time and work ,
but he is still a puppy in mind and looks
and will adjust in no time to a new environment.
Only serious inquiries please
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Often we select some of our best puppies to stay with us for a while
until we decide who will be chosen for our breeding program.
Some of them might become available at any time.
Contact us for details if interested in a very high quality older puppy
that is pick of their litter and properly raised, trained, socialized,
and with their puppy vaccination program completed.
These older pups save a lot of time and work and they have a great start in life.
(None of the dogs pictured below are for sale.
We are just sharing their pictures to show how our dogs look like at different ages
 and the quality in our lines).

(2.5 months old pups)

                                                                                                                 (7 years old and 3 years old females)









                                   Occasionally, we have young adults or mature dogs (when retiring them from breeding) for sale.
                                       They are trained, in good health, athletic and in great body condition and
                                                  they make wonderful family companions.
                                          For litters and puppy availability please visit LITTERS page






Visit  LITTERS and DOGS pages for more info and pictures of our dogs and their ancestors,

and for info regarding the present or expected litters, and also NEWS  page

 to see puppies born in our kennel, new imports, show and trial results. 


 Photo Gallery  page contains pictures of some the dogs that we imported and

used over the time to constantly improve  our bloodlines -

visit it to learn more about our dogs and our work.



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                                                  Updated: Nov 6/11/2019