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   In co-ownership with  

       Joe Medeiros


   Born: July 19/ 2012


      HD/ED: normal
      ZW: 73


       Show Rating: VA

      SG 18 (BSZS 2013)

       IPO3, Kkl1

      DM: A - Clear






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                                                                                                               SHOW RESULTS:


                                                 Pepino has an impressive number of shows and great results in Germany and Netherlands.

                                                They were high level events with very strong and high quality competition, some of the shows with 30-40 dogs in the ring.


                                                                   V1 (Excelent 1) - Working Class - June/2017 - Ontario Regionals - SV Judge Peter Arth

                                                  V1 (Excelent 1) - Working Class - May/2017 - Quebec Regionals - SV Judge Franz Kampenhuber

                                                   V1 (Excelent 1) - Working Class - May/2017 - Scarborough Show - SV Judge Edgar Pertl

                                                     VA2 (Excelent Select) - Working Class Males - Aug/2016 - CANADIAN NATIONALS (Sieger Show) - SV Judge Frank Goldlust

                                                 V1 (Excelent 1) - Working Class Males - July/2016 - Ontario Regionals - SV Judge Edgar Pertl

                                                   V1 (Excelent 1) - Working Class Males - May 8/2016 - Ontario Show - SV Judge Franz Kampenhuber                    

                                                   V1 (Excelent 1) - Working class males - Oct 25/2015 - New England Regional Show, Buffalo, New York - SV Judge Franz Kampenhuber

                                                   V1 - Working class - 22.08.2015 - Wiesloch-Nussloch (Germany) - SV Judge Richard Brauch

                                                   V2 - Working class - 15.08.2015 - Wiesbaden- BIerstadt (Germany) - SV Judge Karl-Heinz Zygadto

                                                   V9 - Working class - 05.08.2015 - Hoogezand (Netherlands) - SV Judge Lothar Quoll

                                                   V12 - Working class -  06.04.2015 - Bellheim (Germany) - SV Judge Lothar Quoll

                                                   V6 - Working class - 09.08.2014 - Schimsheim  (Germany) - SV Judge Uwe Sprenger

                                                   SG2 - 18-24 mo class - 06.07.2014 - Padeborn (Germany) - SV Judge Wilhelm Nordsieck

                                                   SG18 - 12-18 mo - WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - 30.08.2013 - Kassel (Germany) - SG Judge Frank Goldlust

                                                   SG8 - 12-18 mo - 04.08.2013 - Ostrhauderfehn (Germany) - SV Judge Frank Goldlust

                                                    VP2 - 9-12 mo - 14.07.2013 - Kalletal (Germany) - SV Judge Dieter Nitschke

                                                    VP1 - 9-12 mo - 29.06.2013 - Hemsbach (Germany) - SV Judge W. Nordsieck

                                                    VP 1 - 9-12 mo - 18.05.2013 - Horstel-Riesenbeck (Germany) - SV Judge Frank Goldlust

                                                    VP2 - 4-6 mo - 05.01.2013 - Zuidwolde (Netherlands) - SV Judge Gerard Bakker





VA, IPO3, Kkl1

        YANKEE vom       FEUERMELDER

 HD/ED: normal


V, SchH3, Lebesnzeit

Joker vom Eichenplatz

HD/ED: normal

SchH3, Kkl1,

VA Yukon vd Bastillie

HD fast normal

SchH3, Kkl1

V A Hill v Farbenspiel

HD: normal

SchH2,  Kkl1,

V Merrya vd Vallendarer Hohe


SchH13 Kkl1,

V  Alisha vom Eichenplatz

HD: fast normal

SchH3, Kkl1

VA Zamp v Termodos


SchH2, Kkl1, V

Daggi de Cuatro Flores


  V, SchH 2, Lebenzeit

Amanda am Seeteich

HD a3 / ED normal

SchH 3, Kkl1

V Packo v Feuermelder

HD normal

V, SchH3, Kkl1

Solo v Frutteto


 V, SG1, SchH 1

Luci v Feuermelder

HD normal

SchH2, Kkl 1

V Waleah am Seeteich

HD fast normal


VA, SchH3, Kkl1

Ghandi v Arlett

HD normal

SchH2,  V

Nadja am Seeteich

HD nomal

V, SchH2 , Kkl1


HD normal / ED a3


SchH3, Kkl1,

V, SchH2, Lebenzeit

Banderas du Domaine

 du Parc

 HD/ED normal


SchH3, kkl1
VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard
HD fastormal
SchH3, Kkl1
VA  Pakros d'Ulmental
HD normal
V, SchH1, Kkl1
Rangoon du Haut Mansard
HD: normal
SchH 1, Kkl1
V Any du Domaine du Parc
HD normal
V, SchH3, Kkl1
Xaro d'Ulmental
HD normal
V , SchH1, Kkl1
Tiffany du Domaine du Pa
HD- normal

V, SchH1, Lebenszeit

Lissie di Val Calore
HD/ED: normal



SchH 1, Kkl1
V Bellezza Onar delle Antiche  Muse

HD normal  

VA, SchH3, Kkl1

 VA Hobby Gletschertopf

HD normal

 Brenda delle Antiche Muse

HD normal

V, SchH1, Kkl1
 Oxia di Val Calore

HD normal


SchH 3, Kkl1

V Lenon du Val D'Anzin

HD  normal


HD normal

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